DWI and Alcohol Related Offenses

Offenses involving operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated carry stiff penalties often times including mandatory jail time and loss of your right to drive. Often, the punishment for your crime will be increased if you have prior convictions for intoxication related offenses or are determined to have high concentration of alcohol in your breath or blood at the time of the offense.

Aside from the criminal penalties you face for DWI, there can be many collateral consequences associated with a DWI conviction such as increased insurance premiums, disqualification from certain jobs, suspension of driver license, and surcharges to maintain your driver license.

Outside of the criminal case you may need help fighting the suspension of your driver license with DPS through an ALR hearing or obtaining an occupational driver license so that you can still care for your family and drive to work.  Often times the first task following a DWI arrest is to act quickly to avoid a Administrative License suspension for refusal or failure of a breath or blood test.

If you refuse provide a specimen of your breath or blood, or fail the breath test following an arrest for DWI, the officer will most likely take your license from you and give you a document that acts as a temporary license.  If you wish to avoid a suspension, it is important to request a hearing within 15 days.  If you agreed to provide a sample of you blood following a DWI arrest, you may receive a notice weeks or months after your arrest that your license will be suspended unless you request a hearing in a timely manner.  An experienced criminal defense attorney can protect your rights and may be able to help you avoid a license suspension.

Penalties for Intoxication related offenses can be harsh, and losing your right to drive can prevent you from earning a living and caring for your family. However, an arrest for driving while intoxicated means an officer had probable cause that you committed the offense; to obtain a conviction, the government will need proof beyond a reasonable doubt, a much higher burden of proof. If you have been arrested for one of these offenses, you need an experienced criminal lawyer who can evaluate the evidence against you and protect your rights. Edward Wilkinson has years of experience with intoxication related offenses and has taken a number of these cases to trial. If you have been arrested for DWI or any other offense involving intoxication, contact Edward today for a free consultation at 361-489-3414.

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