Drug/Marijuana Offenses

There are a wide range of substances criminalized by the Texas Controlled Substances Act. The government has classified all of these substance into penalty groups. The severity of the penalty you face for possessing or delivering one of these substances is typically decided by two factors, how the substance is classified (i.e. the penalty group) and how much of the substance you are accused of possessing or delivering.

Often, persons arrested for these offenses are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Law enforcement may decide to arrest every occupant of a motor vehicle because there is a small amount of a controlled substance in the vehicle.

Attitudes and laws regarding marijuana have changed significantly in recent years.  However, in Texas possession of even a small amount of marijuana remains a crime for which you can be sentenced to jail.

Being near marijuana or cocaine may give an officer probable cause to arrest you, but the government will need evidence that establishes that you were knowingly in possession of the substance. If you have been arrested for one of these offenses, contact Edward at 361-489-3414 for a free consultation.

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